The Everything Drawer

A space to keep & share my current inspirations, obsessions, and some of my favorite Charlotte local businesses, artists, and products.


Margaret Burton

“Margaret Burton is a fashion label with goals to educate the public on garment construction and conservation.

We are the place to repurpose your forgotten threads into cherished garments.

These unused but memorable clothes from family and friends will be turned  into a garment with stories to share.

We also serve the public in teaching them how to sew and preserve their own clothes through classes and workshops.”

Justine Wiggins | Worthy + Badass

“The designs I create all have one goal in common: The encouragement, empowerment and enlightenment of women…

I'm here because I want women to have a fighting chance at being free from objectification, worthlessness and a general feeling that they can't do it. I want to be the loudest voice in your mind screaming at you that you are worthy and you're a total badass.”

Brigitte Oger | Craft Cakes CLT

“Each scratch made cake is made with the best local ingredients we can find…

All of our cake batters are egg and dairy free, using fresh applesauce, flax, or aquafaba, and almond or coconut milk. We make a unique vegan buttercream, dark chocolate ganache, and also offer a decadent whole buttercream made with local organic cultured butter and local pasture raised eggs.”

In Our Nature

“In Our Nature is a natural dye studio and flower shop based out of Charlotte, NC.

We felt a connection with heritage craftsmanship and how it has served for centuries as a sustainable means… We decided we had to respond by creating an art platform that communicates this value with intention to encourage new perceptions of how we interact and consume from a western lens.”

Film Photography | Nikon l35af

It is intentional and non-immediate. I’ve given myself a rule; if you take a picture, only take one picture of a thing and however the picture turns out is part of the experience, part of the art.

You can’t take things back, there are no do-overs. There can be second chances, if people are humble and generous in their forgiveness. But everything in life happens only once a certain way because everything is always changing and I am changing. So, film has been an act of gratitude and acknowledgment of holy, individual moments.


Spotify Playlists & Albums

At the end of each month I create a short playlist with my most listened to songs on Spotify. Click here to listen.

(It’s Chill + The Vibe) Playlist by Cameron Avery

While You Create/01 Playlist by Temi O. Coker

CLT Loft Sessions Playlist by CLT Loft Sessions

Current Reads

Walking On Water: Reflections on Faith & Art by Madeleine L’Engle

“You should utter words as though heaven were opened within them and as though you did not put the word into your mouth, but as though you had entered the word.” - by Martin Buber

Letters To A Young Poet by Rainer Rilke

“Why should you shut out any anxiety, any woe, any melancholy from your life since you do not in fact know what work these states carry out within you? Why do you wish to persecute yourself with the question of whence this might come and where it is going? For after all you do know that you are amid transitions.”