Emily Sage studied Songwriting and Music Business at Belmont University in Nashville, TN. She has written Songwriting curriculums and taught Songwriting workshops in both English and Portuguese. Before receiving a Bachelor of Arts in Songwriting, she organized and wrote the curriculum for the 2015 Songwriting Seminar at the Theological Seminary of Lubango, Angola. Emily was also invited by James Tealy, a Belmont University songwriting instructor, to teach a Songwriting Bootcamp for musicians and worship leaders. In 2017, Emily Sage was invited to speak as a guest instructor to the Songwriting class at Valor High School in Colorado. She also was the Assistant Songwriting Instructor and a guest speaker at the Masterpiece Ministries Camp in 2017.

In 2018, Emily Sage was commissioned by Dear Soul Music Co. to write a Songwriting Curriculum template for their Using Your Unique Songwriting Workshops. Emily Sage currently teaches private lessons and songwriting camps through Bold Music Co. in Charlotte, NC. If you would like to book Emily Sage to speak in a class, run a songwriting workshop, or offer consultations on how to best structure your songwriting workshop/camp/retreat, please email

The main objective of Emily’s Songwriting lessons and workshops is to cultivate your innate creativity by learning how to express and communicate through song using your unique voice. Students will learn how to analyze their favorite lyrics, how to deal with writer block, and the fundamental rules of lyric and melody writing and when to break them. Students must have access to an instrument to use as accompaniment, preferably acoustic guitar, piano, or ukulele. Emily Sage is currently accepting a few intermediate students to enroll in private lessons in Fall of 2019. If you are interested in learning more about songwriting lessons with Emily Sage please email