December 8th - Christina Gregor

Our lovely friend Christina Gregor showed her Haiti collection at this past CLT Loft Session. Her work speaks to her profound care for social justice and the deeper connection we all have with each other that extends beyond boundaries, both perceived and intangible. Below is just one of the artist statements that accompanied many of her pieces on display.

Story - Christina Gregor

A story is a sacred thing.
A story holds being and bone, trial and error, heart and soul.
A story grapples with truth and perspective.
A story gives you a glimpse of God you could never know without it.
A story can scream fight, forgiveness, romance, loss, pride, vigor and resiliency in a breath.
A story combines the humanity and divine.
A story dances with spirits.
A story resides in memories even though it can physically change us.
A story carries weight - sometimes more than the teller can bear.
But that’s the beauty.
A story was never meant to be carried alone.
It was meant to be told and in turn, shared in the burden.
We were not made to forget.
We were not designed to feel the impact and walk away with hands clean.
We were not formed to hear and see a story without wanting it to be known.
This is how we are known.
This is how we are woven.
This is how we are told.
We are storytellers.

Sara Colée