A Little History - A New Show

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CLT Loft Sessions is an intimate concert series in South End run by Emily Sage, Sara Colée, and an incredible team of volunteers. It started out with the intention to provide a space for independent artists to share their work. A listening room environment where the subtleties in the artistry could be heard and celebrated. Emily and Sara wanted to create a space that was welcoming to all who came. They want people to have a unique experience that highlights what Charlotte has to offer in a way that sparks conversation on cultivating the art culture and community of Charlotte.

Emily and Sara met in a parking lot in West Charlotte soon after both moving to the Queen City. Their meeting was serendipitous. They are now best friends, sisters, manager-artist, and business partners. Creative Mastermind, Sara Colée stays connected with the hustlers and everything new and underground in the Queen City. And keeps herself busy with graphic design, illustration, branding, event coordination, and artist management. Wordsmith, Emily Sage is an Independent recording Artist with strong leaning in Jazz and Soul, she is also a passionate songwriting mentor and teaches music lessons to the Charlotte youth. She grew up in Portugal and was trained in Nashville before moving to Charlotte. She brings a unique and professional perspective to the local music scene. Sara and Emily are always coming up with new innovative ways to take on the music industry and push the culture of art consumption forward to a place of savoring the art and honoring the artist. 

B-Sides is an extension of the CLT Loft Sessions and celebration of what has been developing in Charlotte this past year. B-Sides is presented by CLT Loft Sessions and  Emily and Sara have invited some of their friends and fellow small business hustlers to join them at this event. Divine Barrel Brewing, Craft Cakes CLT, Villain Coffee Company, Little Chile, and Sumbucha will be selling their products before and during the show. Performing at the show is Greg Cox and Emily Sage, who played the last Loft Session of 2018.

Greg Cox, a Charlotte based R&B artist and producer, writes and records his own music while also recording and developing the sound and identity of other incredible artists in and around the Charlotte area. Emily Sage, one half of the Loft Session duo and Indie Singer/Songwriter, will be performing with the XMen taking a strong dip into her soulful side. The event will be MCed by Dae Lee, grammy nominated artist and rapper who has his hands in many different circles working to promote diversity and unity in the Queen City through music.

Charlotte is forming her identity as it relates to culture and art. She is unlike any other city and is starting to show her colors, diverse in background and artistic expression. The logo of Charlotte loft sessions is inspired by the underground rumbling stirred up by the hustlers and tireless artists who have been investing in the health and beauty of the city by investing in their art. Artists, small businesses, freelancers pursuing excellence within their craft while actively caring for the other and the culture of this city. The logo is a vision of that underground rumbling starting to rise up out from the ground and pour out like a fountain over the city. And the Queen City becoming a beacon visible to other cities around the country of what authentic creative community, celebration of diversity, and unity can look like. 


This night is going to be a unique gathering together of businesses and genres, a night to remember and a night not to miss.